Dirty South Diana

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Every choice you make affects you…
Not your average Cinderella plot there’s no glass slippers left behind in this tale. Meet Diana Dawson, living her best life with her one love, Courtland. To make ends meet she worked at a local PoBoy shop slanging sandwiches, and he was a Jack Boy running over the Big Easy with a stamped mantra “Anybody can get hit.” Diana was aware of the consequences of loving a bad boy like Courtland, but true love knows no boundaries. In an instant, Diana’s once happy life is shaken to a point of pain and resentment. Boldly, she steps into a game she knows next to nothing about and becomes entrapped in a web of dreams and schemes.
After life changing events Diana finds herself circling the bottle on a downward spiral after. As payback for infiltrating Zeus’ business, he gave her a task making runs for his drug organization. Will Diana make good on her new position, or will she rebel against her bosses?
Key returns to the city after being locked up the last three months leaving full control of the business to his partner Zeus. Now released back to the free world he learns of all the new changes and is faced with even more challenges. Key is confronted by a past that threatens his future and he must make a decision when given an ultimatum.

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