Mr. Finesse (Pre-Order September 23)

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“Salt kills snails, but it seasons a real playa. This is a game of playing for keeps.”
Derome finished a ten-year bid and had no plans of going back. The streets welcomed him back with open arms and some with envy. In Baton Rouge known as Dat Raq, “if you don’t rat you come back.” Derome, determined to make a legal hustle and stay out his past enemy’s way, while incarcerated he learned about horse racing and dog breeding which gave him a thirst for the game. After stumbling upon a nice thoroughbred horse in a bet he was labeled “Mr. Finesse” by a cabinet of individuals not of his kind at the racetrack. He was a million-dollar man with a billion-dollar plan within ten months of being home, and he couldn’t be stopped. This was bringing on unwanted attention to his name.
Naesha is a talented nail tech and artist making everyone who sits in her seat feel loved and appreciated. Her life revolves around perfecting her craft and brand every chance she gets to elevate her business. Having a man was nowhere on her mind; get money and stay bossed up was the motive. Heartbreaks and mind games was no longer something she wanted to endure, and she guarded her heart by all means.
One day, unexpectedly Derome and Naesha cross paths and as cliché as it sounds it was love at first sight. The two had a past, and some would say they had a time to be together, and no better time was like the present. Derome clasps on to Naesha, both enthused by one another’s ambition for hustling and the love, loyalty and respect that bound them together. It was serendipity for a time until revelations prevailed, and things took a turn that could possibly end their tumultuous relationship and jeopardize Derome’s freedom again.
When the heat comes on can they stand the test that they face together? Will this be a sentence of either life or death or thirty years to life? Find out in this pivotal tale of love and the game.

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